Saturday 5 August 2017

Big Brother star strongly denies drug addiction after nightclub row over cocaine spirals out of control

Two Big Brother stars have become embroiled in a vicious Twitter row centred on drugs, following a huge bust up at a club night.

Ellie Young has strongly denied claims made by former housemate and friend Kayleigh Morris that she took drugs - after she branded her a "coke whore", who blew all her club night cash on drugs.
The pair appeared at Vibez nightclub on Friday night before getting into a huge argument after necking free alcohol with Kayleigh then taking to twitter to make the shocking claims, according to Ellie's agent who spoke to the Daily Star .
The reality star told the newspaper: "Under no circumstances do I touch drugs or have ever and never will.
Ellie’s agent added: "I can confirm that Ellie does not take any illegal substances of any kind. A big group went out to Vibez nightclub on Friday night and there was an issue with Kayleigh. Due to alcohol things became heated and the girls were very nasty to one another."
On Twitter the Welsh reality star made the claims by sniping: "Oh I'm sorry COKE WHORE how bout u tell ur mum u snorted all ur pa money up ur nose and jay [her ex manager] actually doesn't owe u nothing [sic]."
The tweets were later deleted but not before they were shared hundreds of times.
Speaking to the paper Kayleigh denied she drunkenly lashed out. She said: "Ellie claimed I got bullied when I was young because I was a c***, so I personally attacked her with my knowledge
After watching an episode after she left Big Brother , Ellie said: "It’s boring now. There’s just nothing there. Even Sam added quite a bit of entertainment. I was sat there on my phone and I’ve lost a bit of interest in it.
"Even people who were slagging me and Sam off for kissing are saying 'I’d rather watch Sam and Ellie kiss for an hour than watching these boring whatevers'. They probably evicted me as well, you’ve don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone."
Ellie said the show had helped her become more confident and resistant to negative and abusive comments.

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