Tuesday 25 April 2017

Take Me Out: The Gossip gets awkward as Kirstin admits she didn't mean to leave her light on

Take Me Out: The Gossip returned this week as Mark Wright and Laura Jackson hosted the spin-off to the hugely popular dating show.

The two TV stars were back on the romantic island of Fernando to see how last week's couples got on during their time in the sun as they got to know each other.
For Kirstin and Mike, it looked like things were getting a little awkward as their blossoming romance took an interesting turn after her revelation.
The tattooed beauty admitted she didn't mean to leave her light on when she was one of Paddy McGuinness' flirty singles.
"I had to tell him I tried to turn my light off, he didn't know," she revealed.
However, it didn't look to change things for the pair, who continued their steamy romance.
After getting closer on a night out, the lovebirds' relationship continued to heat up on the island - although Kirstin worried they could be too similar.
"He is the male version of me," she admitted.
Quizzed by Mark and Laura, they confirmed a second ate was on the cards - and Kirstin might have been more surprised than anyone!
She said: "It's shocking because I didn't think anyone was this strange."
However, just three weeks later she didn't make it to the reunion, and the romance had fizzled out - with them deciding they were best as friends.
"There's nothing between us," she admitted in a message read out by the hosts.

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